so i met the sweetest family that was visiting here over thanksgiving.  they reside in sunny florida and just had the cutest, red haired little baby boy, although you would never know that when seeing missy, she looks fantastic for being a new mom!!!

there is sometimes  a little uncertainity to booking a family that i meet at the time of the photo session but i can tell you that was not the case with missy,  jeremy and jadon.  i just love the way families interact, the love of young families and their first baby. it is a precious gift and a precious season. merry christmas dunn family, enjoy your first Christmas as mom and dad and give that sweet little guy a big hug for me! here are just a few photos from our session to share.

i love black and white, but i had to put in one picture of his sweet little red head, its so precious!  sweet dreams baby!


One Response to “dunn.family.photos…..”

  1. lisa dunn Says:

    Mandy thank you sooo much for doing these pictures i am Jadon grammy my first grandchild , we live here in tn . i cannot wait to see all the other pictures from them. You did a great Job. Have a merry merry Christmas

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