beautiful and glowing, those are the first two words that came to mind when i viewed the photos of ashley.  (she is beautiful inside and out.)  it was fun to hang out with matt and ashley for a little bit on saturday, to spend time in audreys room and look at all the cute little outfits all ready to go and the gorgeous room that is waiting for this precious little one.  matt and ashley are adorable together, they made it so easy on me!!  i cant wait to photograph this little bit of heaven that is on the way. its amazing to think that God already knows all about this tiny baby that has been created and cares so much for her and every day ahead! blessings to your family!!

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2 Responses to “……….”

  1. brandiandboys Says:

    Love the photos… Ashley is gonna be one heck of a momma!

  2. amanda miller Says:

    Mandy, these pictures are amazing.
    And Ashley, you are beautiful even when you aren’t pregnant, but you are simply stunning in these pictures!!

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