we were finally able to have a day that our schedules worked and the weather cooperated! when you have a busy family and working parents, things can get a little crazy. i am so glad we were able to work things out and wait for a beautiful sunny afternoon! you have a beautiful family (not only that but you both are EXCELLENT cooks!!)  congrats on your soon to be – new addition, ann you look beautiful! here is your sneak peak and thanks for waiting patiently!!

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2 Responses to “………………”

  1. Cassandra Heffelfinger Says:

    Mandy, I’ve been trying to contact you as I’m getting married and wondered if you would be willing to come to Fort Wayne to take pictures. If you could shoot me an e-mail…I would very much appreciate it. The wedding is July 3rd of next year.

  2. Pat Says:

    What a great looking family! Great job Mandy!

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