this is my second time to photograph the nichols family.  i love repeats. :) 

kaylee is my little buddy, her big beautiful eyes and curly hair. she has gotten so tall since last summers photos. last year it was swing sets and her tricycle. this year she was sporting her blue sunglasses just like a very big girl!!  and last year it was just kaylee and her mom and dad. this time we got to include riley. i loved watching those two interact. and riley is walking already? time flies.  i get to hang out with that cutie on sunday mornings in the nursery at church. i always love to see what new outfit she is sporting.  little girls are so fun to dress up!

oh and kaylee and riley brought their ultra sweet and adorable mom and dad with them.  i love watching you guys with each other and your girls. these are the moments to cherish – before the boys are knocking on your door and they still want to hold your hand when they are walking. when they can laugh and run and play and everything can be made ok when they get some m&m's.  oh wait, that still works for me! :)  and kaylee, thanks for sharing your m&m's with miss mandy.

ok, here is your sneak preview!

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Blog -02

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chris's dad was able to stop by and jump in a few family photos. i love multi generational photos.

Blog -16

Blog -17

Blog -18 

04 - blog

ok – one from last year. look at those yummy little curls!!


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