thank you to the beautiful parker family for hanging out friday night. it is always tricky photographing another photographer and her family, but  i count it such an honor to have been able to spend a few hours out with them.

i love spending time with families, watching them interact with each other and laugh. taking time out to be together and remember this moment in time. the kids the ages that they are and the things they are doing.  having young kids is challenging but such a blessing and before we know it they will be off raising their own families. i already look back at photos of our girls and can harldy remember where the time has gone. so tonight i will celebrate a sink full of dirty dishes and a floor that needs swept and laundry that needs to be put away, b/c that means for a little while longer, i am blessed with having my girls home with me and my hubby. (sniff, sniff – sorry to go crazy sentimental there) ok – back to the photos that inspired that flash back ~

Parkers 1 

Parkers 2 

Parkers 3 

Parkers 4 

Parkers 5 

Parkers 6


4 Responses to “…………….”

  1. kristen parker Says:

    WOW!! I LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much… these truly blow me away!! I truly enjoyed our time together 🙂

  2. brandiandboys Says:

    love all of these photos… i think #5 is my favorite. so gorgeous mandy… but what great subjects, right? 🙂

  3. Jason Says:

    I really like those black and white photos.

  4. Pam Johse Says:

    Every one of them makes me smile-Mimi

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