today was a great day for our church – crosspoint.  we love being part of a church that serves their community. i love that anyone can help, even presley was having a ball painting and she is 5. there were so many areas being served but we were primarily at the church where my girls (along with many others)helped paint a really cool mural that super talented lisa g created for the playground. (it started raining before i could get a final photo of the mural so i will have to post one later)  we also ran over to a few of the houses where there was some MAJOR repair going down! the families were so thankful for the work that was being done there.  here are just a few photos from the day, and of course i had to choose my girls to be in a few along with some others and some of the families we served! its such a blessing to be able to serve with our family (alivia was taking care of the sweet babies so she didnt get in a photo 😦 – sorry a

Serving saturday-101-blog 

Serving saturday-102-blog 

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  1. Says:

    Mandy ! You are so talented thank you for giving your gift for Serving Saturday !

  2. kristen parker Says:

    Awesome pics! love the black and white 🙂

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