as i was going through some of the photos from last week's kids shoot i realized that i am the only one who get to see the "ones that get cut" from the batch.  i always smile as i remember the silly things that happened and the funny faces captured. (another reason i am happy to shoot digital these days. :) 

but just so there are no parents under the illusion that a childrens photo shoot goes stress free i thought i would throw a few out there for fun. now when i say "stress free" i just mean that you should not expect your little ones to "act appropriately or robotic" i love chasing them around!! they will get a little dirty!!  and i love it when they take a snack break or need to run around.  i want them to be themselves – that is what eventually leads to the great candid shots. remember the word eventually, i didnt say immediately!! 🙂

so the next time you schedule family photos – expect it to be fun, tiring and messy and we will get some memorable shots. ones that show the true beauty of each family -  every family is uniquely put together by God and that is worth celebrating!!

with out further ado………

Blooper 1 

Blooper 2 

Blooper 3 

enjoy the moment.  at the end of the day, you will have great memories and you will only remember all of the fun we had!!!!!


One Response to “the.ones.that.didnt.make.the.cut…….”

  1. pete wilson Says:

    love these Mandy!

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