i am so excited for this weekend.  i am heading home to indiana to photograph a beautiful couple.  i had such a great time hanging out with them this summer and cant wait to be part of their wedding.  i always feel so blessed to be a part of someones wedding.  it is a beautiful celebration, every time unique and we always have such a great time. ;)  12 hours can go so fast when you are having fun!! πŸ™‚

here is a look back from our WARM evening this summer together.  i dont think we will have to worry about the heat this weekend…….  looking forward to seeing you in  a few days!! πŸ™‚

Wedding megan and tommy  

Wedding megan and tommy  


4 Responses to “…”

  1. patrowland Says:

    Hope you have fun in good ol’ INDIANA… I’ll miss you like Crazy!

  2. kristen parker Says:

    Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun and travel safe πŸ™‚

  3. Eve Annunziato Says:

    Very romantic!! Can’t wait to see the wedding photos – I know they’ll be amazing!! Have a beautiful time and safe travels! Xoxo

  4. Courtney Says:

    I can’t wait to see the pictures from Saturday. I bet they are amazing!

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