i have been putting off my girls "school pictures" long enough. ;)  i decided last weekend would be the weekend it was getting done.  i was stressing out a little b/c i wasnt feeling overly creative.  in fact i was feeling like i should be cleaning, grading school books, going to the grocery store etc. 

in trying to get my mind "in the more creative mood" i decided to take my own advice and just photograph the girls while thinking about something they are each enjoying about life right now. 

it ended up being super fun once we got our kinks worked out!! :)  (why is it harder to photograph my own children??? )  and now i can proceed with making our christmas cards!!!! :)  so here are a few from our weekend………………………………

School pictures 01 

School pictures 02     

School pictures 03 

School pictures 04 

School pictures 05 

School pictures 06 

School pictures 07 

School pictures 08 

School pictures 09 

School pictures 10 

School pictures 11 

School pictures 12 

School pictures 13


5 Responses to “fall.photos..”

  1. patrowland Says:

    like always great job! love them!

  2. brandiandboys Says:

    they’re all beautiful! alivia is so pulling off the teenager look! that black and white of her is awesome!!!!!

  3. Eve Annunziato Says:

    Okay, the last photo put a tear in my eye… I’m so emotional in my old age!! These pics capture and express the beauty of your girls inside and out! Thanks for sharing.
    Can’t wait to see your Christmas photos. I might have to call you to get some brilliant ideas!!

  4. Amy Sprunger Says:

    I know I just saw you guys a month ago but the girls look like they’ve grown since then. They are such little ladies. Beautiful photos as always!!!
    xoxo, Aunt Amy

  5. jessica esch Says:

    The girls are sooooo Beautiful! and so are your pictures! I cant wait to get married so you can take the pictures 🙂

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