i'm sorry but this whole presidential election is giving me a headache.  i am a registered voter, i try and do my part to be informed, i watched and dvr'ed the debate last night, i listened to all the coverage this morning……………………..result – headache and disappointment.

i decided this afternoon that i have heard what i need to hear to make an informed vote in Nov.  i am tuning out most of the rest.  (now i will still listen to my talk radio 99.7 in the car of course, and maybe just a little CNN and FOX b/c i probably cant turn it all  off……….) but other than that, a little more information will go a long way for me. 

i may not love John McCain but he is more in line with my belief system than Obama. i agree with McCains stand on the issues we are facing.  last night i really wanted him to shed some light on who Obama really is, what his policies are.  why Obama will only add to the problems we are facing as a nation.  instead of seeing our future leader,president, represented last night, i agree with Huckabee from this morning,  we saw 2 senators.  the reality is, the change Obama wants to bring to this country scares me.  bigger government is never the answer.

on a much brighter note, it is good to know that no matter what happens in a few weeks, one thing will never change.  God is in control.  He will not be surprised by who is in office.  He is the constant in an ever changing world. 

i will still vote and pray for our nation and its leaders, no matter who is elected.  now more than ever i feel challenged to take a stand and speak out for this great nation we are so privileged to live in.

can we bring Huckabee back??  šŸ™‚


i also thought this was in interesting site………. http://barackobamatest.com/  

 this test takes 5 minutes and at the end will tell you how you align with obamas policies


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