i know, i know it seems to early to be thinking about christmas already but………………………. its not. 🙂

i LOVE christmas and i LOVE sending out christmas cards with the girls photos on them.  i also LOVE to get christmas cards with my family and friends photos on them.  especially those who i dont get to see often enough.  with that in mind this is the time to get your family photo taken for your cards. 

Christmas cards

many of you have mentioned your desire to do this and so i want to offer a little mini session to those of you who want a family photo and want it ready before christmas so you can send cards or order for parents, grandparents, etc.

between now and October 25th - i would be happy to spend about 20 minutes with your family and submit to you online, 5 poses for you to decide between.  you would then choose your 1 favorite and get that pose in a 5X7 and your first 10 christmas cards free!!! :)  the cost for this limited time session would be $100. 

if you are interested in this mini adventure, please let me know asap.  i have a wedding scheduled the first of November in Indiana and will not be able to meet chriatmas deadlines after the Oct 25th date.

looking forward to hanging out with you. 😉


One Response to “christmas…………………………….”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Good seeing you, if for only a brief second or two yesterday! Love all the pictures! Have a great week!

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