Sometimes I forget that there is another world out there.  Sometimes I need to be reminded that its not all about me.

My mom forwarded an email to me yesterday.  It was from a young girl serving our country in Irag.  She is probably in her late 20's, i dont remember.  When we were little girls, we went to the same church.  In her email, there was no complaining only saying what the situation is there.  They live in tents furnished with cots and outhouses.  someday they hope to have shower/ bathroom trailers.

She talked about being surrounded by men and really needing some girl time.  A time to dress up, do her hair and nails.  Being tired from working 15 hour days.  Asking for prayer for one of the soldiers who found out his young bride has cancer and he is so far away from her. 

As I pray for her I pray for myself, that I would remember all they are sacraficing for us.  Not only for the troops there but for the families here that await a safe return. 

To Cyndi,  Thank you for  all you are giving to us, thank you for your sacrafice.   We believe in your mission and support you whole heartedly.

 I am going to see if we can send her a care package to show her just a little bit of how much we appreciate all they are doing.   Does anyone have any practical ideas on how to go about that? 


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