You just never know what a day will bring.  Sometimes we dont even notice all the blessings God lays before us.   Just the miracle of knowing the sun in going to come up, hearing the birds singing, seeing all the flowers miraculously spring back.  The gift of being healthy and having family together, watching the girls laugh, run, play, kissing them good night, watching them sleep.  Eating breakfast together and talking about all that the day holds, as if we have any control over it………..

Yesterday Steven Curtis Chapman and his family, lost their 5 yr old daughter in a tragic accident.    I cant imagine how you move forward after losing a child.  I know that the only way through this dark time will be Jesus.  I am praying that God will cover them and bring healing to their family. 

You can watch a sweet video of little Maria and her daddy not long ago, doing dishes.  What a simple thing but what a treasure now.  



One Response to “we.are.having.a.good.day…………………..”

  1. Kim Says:

    This has really enforced my desire to live each moment to the very fullest.
    Our prayers are with the Chapmans. May His power and love surround the family during this time.

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