Claire_blog So – somedays I feel like being creative, and some days I just struggle to get the laundry clean, folded and put away all in the same day.  🙂

There are several photographers that I follow through blog stalking and they are so inspirational to me.  🙂  By the way, blog stalking is a perfectly respectable thing to do.  🙂  I guess you could even call it one of my hobbies.

ok, on with the story, so since I moved to TN I have met an incredible photographer who also happens to go to our church.  I have had the opportunity to spend a few days here and there learning, shooting and just plain having fun with photography.  So inspired by Danny, I did a little mini shoot with Claire this morning. 

My little girl is going to be 10 years old in the fall and I can hardly believe it.  I have always loved her dark wavy hair and blue sparkly eyes.  I truly see her eyes sparkle and I know it is Jesus and His love for her just bursting out. 🙂  The eyes really are a window to the soul.  Love you Marida.


6 Responses to “childrens.portraits………………..”

  1. Pat Says:

    Awesome picture! Claire you are so beautiful and you are growing up so fast.

  2. brandiandboys Says:

    What a beautiful picture of Claire, she’s beautiful anyway, so you had a great subject to photograph! That’s the kind of photography I love, simple and clean. Good Job!

  3. Pete Wilson Says:

    Wow! Great picture and great post.

  4. Jenni Catron Says:

    Stunning! Your girls are so beautiful!

  5. cathi Says:

    blog stalking is completely kosher! I found you by brandi wilson’s post on porta potties…yours made me gag a little…so I had to meet you. I wasn’t grossed out or anything…I was impressed!
    Now, about photographer’s blogs…one of my greatest friends in west palm has a killer blog
    check it out! you won’t be disappointed!

  6. mandy Says:

    so nice to “virtually” meet you 🙂 I checked out your friends site – love it. thanks for the tip.

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