A walk at Radnor LakeImg_2748blog_2

Img_2727bloggirls2 Presley and her "sister" Abbi having fun throwing rocks. 🙂

Img_2726bloggirls Alivia, Claire and Juney throwing rocks together.


Polly and Abbi walking down Music Row…to sweet. 🙂


Daddy and daughter.  A moment I want to remember for ever.

Img_2717blog5 Of course there was plenty of ice cream!!

Img_2730blog6 Our sweet friends (family) the Grismores or as we refer – the Growlands. 🙂

Img_2709blog7 our family enjoying the gorgeous trees in bloom! 🙂

Img_2761blog8 a photo from the bridge at Radnor Lake

Img_2735blog10 Alivia Madison. 😉

Img_2740blog9 Claire Marie 🙂

Grismores, thanks for a fun visit.  We cant wait until next time. 🙂


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