As some of you know I started using a new online lab this summer.  I have loved trying them out and have decided to use them permanently. 

One of the things I like about them is for my brides, you can email your friends and family right now and they can go in and search your name, sign your guestbook and then they will get a personal email as soon as your wedding images are online.  🙂 

Also, for all settings, after a few weeks they will send you an email offer 2 for 1 prints. 🙂  I always love a sale. 🙂

Another really cool feature is you can go in and click on "find a phothgrapher".  If you type in Tennessee, (I am going to see if I can add Indiana too. 😉 $1500 price range, wedding photography, traditional or photojournalism, you should see Mandy Marie Photography come up!!  If you end up looking, tell me what you think about the photos I chose.  I could only choose 10 and it was SO HARD.

I think you can leave feedback on pictage but I’m not sure.  I am so excited to start photographing my brides this spring and summer.  Every year I feel like I have become friends with these girls and they are truly the best.  Once again, I feel like I am so blessed to be working with these girls and their families.  By the way, the guys are great too.   It has been so fun because I have had the chance to work with all of them already taking their engagement photos.  I love that because now we know a little bit what to expect of each other on the wedding day. 🙂 

Thanks for listening.  It is a cold day here in Nashville, hope you are staying warm.

We are doing something really fun tonight.  We are taking the girls to a christian comedy night.  Pats friend David Dean is going to be performing tonight, how funny, he is from Huntington IN.  We are here 2 weeks and someone we know is here. 🙂  Anyway, to see the line up you can go to http://www.fellowshipnashville.org/content/AnnounceDetails.aspx?AnnounceId=3397

There is also a link to the christian comedy association  http://www.christiancomedyassociation.com/   When we used to have the Dish (dont even get my husband started on that) we would watch Bananas on Saturday night.

ok, have a good day!!


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