Some house photos……….

OK,  I finally cleaned up the house a little today so I thought that would be a good time to take some pictures. 🙂  You know I always say that if we had a good school week then the house isn’t clean and their are no groceries in the house.  But recently we have been able to clean on Saturday so we were able to have a good school week and a clean house.  We even got groceries….  for those of you in Indiana you probably dont want to hear this but we grilled tonight.  It was a little chilly – 30 but Pat was a trooper and we had grilled chicken and grilled zuchinni and mango. 🙂  It was almost like summer!!  We currently have Pollys famous buttermilk spice cake in the oven.  Presley keeps asking when it is going to be done!!! 🙂

Today we went driving around to try and figure out where we want to live.  After looking around we think we will probaly end up in the Bellvue area, which is where we are currently renting.  It is only about 10-15 minutes to the church but it is far away from downtown.  So it seems to be a happy medium.

Maybe tomorrow afternoon I will blog about the day we left Indiana and officially "moved" to Nashville.  We have said it was the worst day of our lives, stay tuned for that story!!  I was inspired by Miss Mia’s story (one of the girls ballet teachers in Indiana) about getting to her honeymoon.  I was reading her blog and cracking up and realized that we had a similiar experience where everything  just goes wrong.  I was wondering if we would laugh someday.  Maybe someday a long, long way from now.  Anyway, like I said that story later.  🙂

Now here are a few photos. 🙂  Tomorrow I will try and take some photos of our church too. 😉

Have a great Saturday night and stay warm. 🙂

Img_233801kitchenblog this is a lovely side shot of our kitchen……

Img_233902backofhouse the backyard – proudly displaying our Indiana grill cover. 🙂

Img_234603truck this is probably the most annoying thing about living here.

we were not informed that there would be big, loud machinery

moving dirt everyday starting promptly at 7am in our back yard.

there is also a train that runs behind our house right beyond where they are moving dirt.  it travels by our house at least 8 times a day.  4 of those being when we are trying to sleep.  in case we missed it, they blow their horn too.  they must be friendly and wanting to say "hello". ok enough venting about this.


this is the dining room.  the house is all open – you can see where the back of the couch is in the front of the house and the 1/2 wall is kitchen.


all 3 girls share a room in the loft……….. 🙂

Img_235406claire Img_235107presley

Img_235308cleo cleo having her Saturday bath and one more brushing for the day.  she is really getting used to being a house dog.  🙂


this is the other side of the living room.  we arent allowed to hang anything up so i just set some things on the fireplace mantle.  i needed at least one family photo up.  i feel like i am going through withdrawal without all of my photos around me!!


the house does have a cute front porch…

Img_235811blog the view from the street.  the houses are really close together


this was a quick picture of the girls our first Sunday at Crosspoint


one more, this is a photo of us when we took Go-Go to the Loveless

Cafe for breakfast. 🙂  If you come see us we will take you too. 🙂


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