Packing snow instead of boxes……..

We had a huge weekend with the girls in The Child of the Promise so it was refreshing to let them sleep in this morning.  The snow just keeps coming!!  Although we missed our last Sunday at Crossbridge. 😦

Anyway the girls slept in and I let them open a game I had gotten them for Christmas.  We spent the morning playing Exodus from Egypt and watching the snow fall.  It was pretty fun. 🙂

The girls kept mentioning they wanted to play in the snow and I really didnt want to mess with that.  Especially because I was pretty sure we werent going to need their snow pants and so I packed them in a box with some breakables.  So, instead of packing boxes, I unpacked the one with the snow pants and we went outside.  They kept saying that since Nashville never gets any snow, this was the LAST time for a long time they would have this chance!!  Needless to say after that they had warm showers, hot chocolate and are now playing while I cook dinner and still………………..have not packed a box today!  Well, I will pack some tonight.  Even if it is a few!! 🙂  So since I have nothing to do I am blogging and posting a few photos of this afternoon!! 🙂

All3 This is the girls in their fort.  It is 3 against daddy!!


Daddyandjuney Juney going after daddy!!  Cleo the side kick.

Daddyandclaire daddy getting Claire……………poor Claire!!

Daddyandalivia daddy getting Alivia……………poor Alivia.

Juney Incoming Juney, you better get down!!

Payback PAYBACK!!!!!! 🙂

Hotchocolate And finally, hot chocolate with a candy cane to stir it. 🙂 I hope your day was as fun as ours!! 🙂


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