My girls…….

I am so proud of all 3 of my girls!! 🙂  They are performing in The Child of the Promise this weekend.  Last night was a tech rehearsal so they were in costume but not in hair and make up.  Here are a few photos I was able to snatch in between helping with costume changes. 🙂  Allangels

This is a photo of all the girls dancing.  Most of them are from NAYB where the girls take ballet.

Alivia This is Alivia dancing while Mary sings…. 😉  Mary is actually played by our friend Dana Baker that we go to church with.

Alivia2 Another one of Alivia during the Mary dance… 🙂

Claire This is Claire in the braids.  I am hoping to get some more tonight from the other side of the stage!! 🙂

All3 This is one of the final scenes with all 3 girls. 🙂  Presley is the little angel on stage and Claire and Alivia are finally dancing on the same side together!! 🙂

Pat is coming tonight so I am hoping we can get even more pictures to share!! 🙂


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