Rainy Tuesday…….

Img_2106sgguys I have been getting together with so many friends since we are moving!!  It has been great to see everyone but the good byes are getting harder for sure.  I am temporarily turning my blog into "me and my pals" page so bear with me . 🙂

On Saturday night we had a great time with our small group.  It was a Christmas Party and a good-bye party.  They made me an amazing cookbook with recipes from all of my friends and family, it was perfect!!  Here is a photo of me and the girls and then we made our guys pose.  They were really working the camera!! Img_2103copysggirls

Then last night I got to have dinner with my girlfriend of 17 years??  Is that right??  We met over a bottle of hairspray!  Back in the day we both had extremely BIG hair!! 🙂  Now we have tamed down a little but people still say we have similiar hair.  In fact, a few weeks ago we were at a photography seminar and the guy called us the hair sisters.  🙂


I am so thankful to God for putting all of these AMAZING people in my life!! 🙂  I cant wait for you to all come and see us in Nashville!!


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