Sam, Sara and Eliana………….

I am so thankful that Saturday was beautiful!!!  It was a little brisk but Sam, Sara and Eliana were great!! πŸ™‚  The leaves were a great color and the Wards are always fun to hang out with.  It was SO HARD to choose just a few photos to put on the blog!!  We were at a great little spot in Huntington and it was the perfect way to start my day!! Thanks guys, for everything and I will let you know as soon as your other photos are ready to view. πŸ™‚ This is just a sneak peak…… πŸ™‚

Wardsheatherandtrent011 Wardsheatherandtrent020 Wardsheatherandtrent046 Wardsheatherandtrent136 Wardsheatherandtrent160 Wardsheatherandtrent194 Wardsheatherandtrent254 Wardsheatherandtrent301 1080462_09209blog

OK,  I couldn’t help myself!!  I went back to my files last year of

Eliana and just had to see how much she changed!! πŸ™‚  She was

barely standing then.  Time flies!!  Sam and Sara, it was so fun to

see you with her, she is a beautiful little girl.  It’s just to bad she

isn’t more outgoing. πŸ˜‰


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