A Rainy Saturday at home…. :)

It is such a celebration when we are home all day Saturday as a family!!!!! 🙂  Even if it is raining outside we are happy inside. 🙂  We are doing little house projects, things I have put off until I have time, and just relaxing in our pj’s.  I am so thankful for days like this. 🙂

I was doing some catching up on some of my own photos (I am SO BEHIND on my stuff!!!! )  I finally got all of the photos I was sending to the lab ready from Myrtle Beach.  How could that have been a month since we were there??  Anyway, I have them ready so if anyone wants to see a few family photos we took at the beach you can go to www.pictage.com  and search for Growlands at Mytrle Beach. 🙂  We combine the last name with ours and our friends the Grismores that went with us. 🙂  So we call ourselves, the Growlands.  I know it is probably lame but what can I say.

Take time to enjoy your family today!!!  🙂


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