More Myrtle photos….. :)

I am still going through photos and came across a few more.  It is so hard to choose but I cant put them all on the blog so…….. 🙂

Myrtlebeach30d005blog20 This is Maggie Moos!!  We Loved having a few treats there.  We are looking forward to some Indy trips where there are more Maggie Moos. 🙂 

Myrtlebeach30d128blog20 This lovely family photo was taken by a stranger walking on the beach. 🙂  I think she did pretty good.  I stressed all week….just a little… about the perfect time to do photos.  It was a little overcast but I am happy with our pictures.  I was so releived when i knew we had some good ones. 🙂

Myrtlebeach30d145blog20 This is Claire Marie who turned 9 right before we left and wanted to do her birthday photos on the beach!! 🙂  I think we should do that every year for her birthday!!

Myrtlebeach30d164blog20 This is Alivia who is 11.  She is almost as tall as I am now.  She thinks we should go to the beach in the spring for her birthday photos too.  At least we can do fall school photos on the beach. 🙂

Myrtlebeach30d172blog20  This is our Juney cake who was really visiting the beach for the first time that she could appreciate it. 🙂  She LOVED running from the water as the tide came up. 🙂

Myrtlebeach30d203blog20_2 This is my adorable hubby who put up with the 100’s of photos i wanted to take on the beach.  Thanks HD 😉

Myrtlebeach30d240blog20 Me and the girls enjoying our evening on the beach and doing a "trash the jeans" segment.  You know, instead of "Trash the Dress"

Myrtlebeach30d287blog20 Alivia took this for Pat and I.  This will remind me of the evening walk we took.  We dreamed of living on the beach someday in one of the houses that is right outside the oceans front door. 🙂 

Myrtlebeach30d352blog20 Last but not least.  The 3 always fun and beautiful girls and sometimes a little crazy!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  The crazy part they get from their dad!!  I think they loved getting their jeans wet and sandy. 😉


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