We LOVE Myrtle Beach…… :)

We just got home from our first trip ever to Myrtle Beach and we loved it!!  We stayed in N Myrtle and had a blast.  We went with our friends, who are now family, The Grismores.  We loved them before and you never know when you vacation with friends but we love them even more now. 🙂  We call the girls the Growlands. 🙂

I only have a few hundred photos to go through but wanted to get a few out there.  Polly had hers out Sunday so I feel I am way behind. 🙂 

We had many great walks on the beach, we swam in the pools, floated down the lazy river, collected shells for necklaces, ate lots of PB. 🙂  We had morning walks, evening walks mid afternoon walks. 🙂  The girls watched a record amount of Brady Bunch DVD’s.  We ate at the Crab House and had Maggie Moo’s ice cream.  It is SO GOOD!!!  Dan got the prize for picking the best combo, pb ice cream and fresh banana.  I really didnt think it sounded that good but it was SO YUMMY!!  I also ran on the beach one morning…… 🙂  Polly and I walked the beach one morning and it down poured on us before we got back.  It was one of those moments I will never forget.  Especially because we fell in a hole while walking on the beach and didnt know what was going on until there were fish swimming around our feet!! 🙂  It doesnt seem as funny to typt it, maybe you had to be there. 🙂 

Anyway we are so thankful for our friends, the time to relax and enjoy Gods creation.  I LOVE the OCEAN.  I didnt even mind the sand that was every where. 😉 

Here are a few photos until I can go through more. 🙂 I am looking forward to catching up with all of you soon!!!!! 🙂 Img_1673blog01

this photo was the first one out of the car!! 🙂

Img_1698blog01 the first official day on the beach!! 🙂

Img_1702blog02 this is one of the coolest sand castles on the beach!! 🙂

Img_1704blog03 My swimmer!! 🙂

Img_1708blog04  This was really Presleys first time to the ocean.  When she was 1 we went to Fort Lauderdale but she hated the sand and we were only at the beach for 1 day.  She LOVES it now as much as I do, although she didnt like just walking in the sand as much as i did. 🙂

Img_1723blog05 This was one of the lazy rivers.  you can see the ocean in the back ground. 🙂

Img_1725blog06 This was our night at the Crab House.  We realized we didnt get many full family photos…. of all the photos we took, i dont know how we missed that.

Img_1784blog07 From here you can see the towers we stayed in. 

Img_1845blog07 Here the Growlands are sporting their newly made beach jewelry. 🙂  They are also wearing their matching shirts from Aunt Polly. 🙂

Img_1877blog08 This is Saturday morning.  The last photo I took of the girls on the beach.  😦  We were sad to go home but thankful for such a great week.

Img_1878blog09 Lastly, i think the mountains are beautiful to look at but i hate driving in them!!  It was good to be home to the cornfields of Indiana. 🙂


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