Norm and Linda Lengacher family……..

I had the awesome opportunity to meet Linda and Norm today and their 3 beautiful kids.  They live out in the Woodburn area and I think that’s the first time I have ever been out that way.  What a beautiful setting.  When ever I get out in the country I get the bug again.  🙂  I grew up out surrounded by cornfields and hope to go back some day.  For now I am blessed to be close to ballet for the girls and we are around wonderful neighbors and friends!! 🙂

Ok here are a few pics from today!!  I hope you enjoyed the weather, other than the mosquitoes, it is a perfect day!! 🙂  Thanks Linda, Norm and family!! 🙂

Auntkarensfallparty183 Auntkarensfallparty191 Auntkarensfallparty221 Auntkarensfallparty225 Auntkarensfallparty228 Auntkarensfallparty236


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