CRAZY!!!! :)

A few weeks ago i was researching different photographers and came across this crazy article.  this guy was showing how he turns out all the lights in his house, pitch black and then had his wife sit still on the couch.  as she sat there he took a flash light over her.  it then recorded on the camera over a period of about 30 seconds.  it was to show how you can paint light.  of course we had to try it!!  the girls had a blast and fortunately i never knocked over my camera in the dark.  here is a photo to show you how it looked!!!! 🙂  it is just so amazing to me how the light is picked up in the photo.  i was also walking in front of the camera and that didnt record.  sorry if i am being to goofy about this, i was just excited about it. 🙂Img_7922claireblog Img_7928presleyblog


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