I can’t believe it is Friday already.  The week has flown!!  We started our full time school schedule this week.  It is nice to have one week under our belts. 🙂  I again am reminded how much changes with school.  I now get done with the girls just in time to get dinner started.  By the time dinner is over I am feeling tired!!  Hopefully in the next few weeks we will find our rythm. 🙂 

I changed our Language Arts program this year to CQLA.  I really like it and it has been some what of an easy transition for Claire but I am still trying to figure out Alivias on a few things.  When it is all said and done I think we will be glad we made the switch. 😉  CQLA is Character Quality Language Arts..  it includes grammar, spelling, poetry, dictation, writing and chraracter values.  It includes everything except your additional readers.

We are also on our 2nd year using The Mystery of History and still loving that!!!  We are still finishing up a few lessons from our 1st book but i am hoping to start the new one in 2 weeks.  We have a huge timeline hanging in our back room!!  I think it is so COOL, I dont know if the girls do or not.;)

For science we are using Exploring Creation with Zoology.  We did our first week this week and I think we will like it.  We studied Astronomy last year and LOVED that.  The girls experimented with flight yesterday and had to make 2 different kinds of air planes to see which one was more aerodynamic.  I love that this also teaches them to record their data, make predictions and write about the actual outcome.  In years past those are the things I am always tempted to skip but I am beginning to see that really cements in what we talked about earlier in the week.

For math we are using Math U See for our 2nd year and that is going ok.  We are not big math fans but it is essential so we will make it work!!

Of coures each day the girls are required to journal, read their Bible and they have their own devotions.  I got them each a book called "God and Me" that they really seem to enjoy.  In the evenings we read something in the Bible or devotion and always have prayers together.

For our reading the girls are doing Read and Think Skill Sheets from Beka once a week.  I ordered their readers from a variety of different places this year.  In the past I have always ordered the reading program from Beka so we will see how this goes. 

We also have a Latin program I am hoping to start in a few weeks.  Alivia also is doing an Introductory Logic book once a week as well as Ballet History at the Conservatory.  She will be dancing everyday (M-F) this year.  She will go to the Conservatory for 1  1/2 hours in the morning and then back after lunch for different lengths of time depending on if they are getting ready for a recital.

So to say the least, we are going to be busy with activity but a good busy.  I am thankful for the time I have with the girls at home.  I am thankful that I can choose curriculums that instill character values and christian principles.  I am thankful for a husband who supports our efforts.  I am thankful for friends who love me when I feel like I am bordering on insanity. 🙂   

Heres to another year that will go way to fast.  For stolen moments of coffee and friends and looking forward to sleeping in again in June. 🙂


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