Summer is flying……….

I love summer!!!! Now that it is August I start to think about schedules, school, cold weather.  Now I will say that I am so excited to have cooler weather in the evenings.  I love warm sunny days and cool blue jeans and bon fire nights.  Lord, is that to much to ask?   šŸ™‚  I know it is a little crazy to start thinking about cold weather right now.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!!!  I remember our first house only had a window air conditioner in our dining room.  On a few summer nights we would drag our mattress downstairs and sleep right in front of the air.  Do you remember the commercial with the dog laying in front of the air? šŸ˜‰  That always cracked me up.

We had a fun time Tuesday night with some friends at a cook out and I wanted to share just a couple photos.  You know there HAS TO BE photos. šŸ™‚

I am also looking forward to going to Women of Faith on Friday night and Saturday  with some girls from church.  Maybe I will put some photos up after that.

I am also really excited about some new albums I am offering my brides this summer!!!  They are so fabulous!!  They are called Tuscany albums and they are bound seamless.  They also have a gorgeous suede cover.  Where were these when I got married?  I am really excited about making one for Lynda and Josh soon.  If I can I will post a link where it can be viewed.

OK here are a few photos from the cookout!!  Thanks Dan, Polly and Abbi for hosting, as always it was yummy!!

Img_1194blog Img_1183blog


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