Amazing…….. :)

OK anyone who knows me also knows that I sing my words sometimes.  That is what I am doing when I say, "Amazing"  🙂  Yesterday was just as fantastic as I thought it would be. :0)  We met Jessica at the Canal Walk and she was fabulous!!  She was so easy to work with and just the most genuinely nice person you could ever meet.   I even made my husband take my picture with her after we were done.  I can’t wait to see the pictures.  Img_1140jessicaandi

Another reason that the day was, "Amazing"  was that we got to hang out with the Kegleys after we were done with photos.  They left us and moved to Fishers about 6 months ago so we don’t get to see them often.  We made up for lost time yesterday and didn’t get home until almost midnight!!  Thanks Matt, Jen and you adorable kiddos for letting us come and swim, play and eat.  Did I mention that Jen is an incredible hostess?  She fed us and fed us and you know how we love to eat 😉  I hope we can get together again sooner than later guys!! I miss you being closer but will cherish the times we get like yesterday.  Here are a few photos..

This is the girls in Sophias room……..Img_1144thegirls

This is Jen showing Pat where Reggie Miller lives so he could run by his house………..


This is Presley and Isaiah…………


This is Isaiah REALLY WANTING to jump into his daddys arms, but a little scared… You can do it Isaiah!!!! 🙂


This is me and Jen… 🙂

Img_1151jenandi_2 Ok there is a small recap of our day yesterday!!  God has blessed us with such amazing friends!!!!  Have a great day!


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