Looking forward to Easter…..

It doesn’t feel very springy today but none the less I am looking forward to Sunday!  The celebration of Jesus resurrection is so special to us.  (Maybe even more so this year since Alivia and Claire were baptized last month.)  There are so many things that I am learning about Passover and Atonement that I had never thought about before.   Celebrating Easter is so much more than Easter baskets and chocolate eggs.  Although I am looking forward to my chocolate egg. 🙂

As a family we go through the resurrection eggs each year and talk about Jesus and the sacrafice He made for us.  Also 90.3 WBCL has a weekend full of music all focusing on Easter. 

Last night we did something different and took communion as a family as well.  It was very emotional for me.  We took it by candle light and then had a time of quiet to just think and pray.  The emotion of last night will only add to the CELEBRATION on Sunday.    Have a blessed Easter.

http://www.ibs.org/bibles/about/easter/  Has a couple of short videos you can watch entitled "Who is Jesus?" and "He has done it."


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