We are all like easter eggs….

138548_160web I am stealing an email from my yoga instructor that she sent out this morning.  It is so cute that I had to share it with you.  I am not going to admit which egg I think I am . 😉

Easter is coming, so to celebrate I wrote a little tid bit about eggs. 😉

At Easter time we color eggs.

Eggs are kind of like us.

We come in many colors.

Some of us are fancy and sparkly.

Some of us are half cracked.

Some of us are filled with candy.

Some of us are good eggs.

Many of us feel scrambled a most of the time.

Some of us have thin shells that break easily.

Some of are hard boiled.

Some of us like to sit in the basket enjoying the day.

Some like to hide in the grass minding our own business.

Which egg are you?

I hope you have a refreshing day.  I inserted this picture today to remind you to enjoy the simple things in your life today.  The ability to walk with a friend, slow down and notice all the spring flowers and trees budding, listen to the birds singing.  The greatest blessings in life are free gifts from our Heavenly Father.  Hug your loved ones today!!!!


2 Responses to “We are all like easter eggs….”

  1. Pat Rowland Says:

    You want to know what type of egg I am? Right now I feel like a little blue robbin egg that has fallen out of my nest. I am laying in the grass and just waiting for someone to come along step on me and finish me off. It has really been a great week as you can tell!
    Great Post BTW

  2. Kim Says:

    What a great post, Mandy.

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