changing albums….

In case you are wondering whats going on, I am changing the albums I have been displaying.  I finally figured out how to manipulate the photo before posting it.  I have only changed Brian and Gingers so far and will continue to work on the others later this weekend. 🙂   I am really excited to have spring break this next week.  I hope Indiana can come through with some great weather for those of us who are stuck here. My husband and I are actually going out on Friday night with some friends to Panera and the new Will Ferrel movie.  Oh my!  I hope it is funny and not to ???????????? you know what I mean with Will Ferrel.  Anyway I am looking forward to starting out our break with dinner and a movie!!  Have a good weekend.  Also congrats to Tim and Tara (you can view their photo album on the side)  on the arrival of Eli Martin this week!!  What an exciting time.  I hope you can all get some much deserved rest!! 🙂


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