Crazy Wedding Stories…

Today I was thinking about some of the crazy things that have happened at weddings I have photographed. I thought I would share a few, I will add more later I am sure.  πŸ™‚

1. One of the strangest requests I have had was to photograph the groom with his cat. This guy was fanatical about it too.  He was so emotional he was almost crying.  creepy….

2. A few summers ago a bride had ordered bright orange flowers for her wedding and when they arrived she was not happy with the "brightness".  The florist went to the store and bought bright orange spray paint and proceeded to paint the bouquets orange!  The girls had to be careful to hold the flowers away from their dresses.  They were still somewhat wet when they went down the aisle.

3. When I was just starting out in the wedding photography business I would shoot for a local company.  They would do all the arranging and book work and I would show up and shoot the wedding.  The actual wedding day was the only contact I had with the bride and groom.  As you can imagine this was somewhat of a challenge at times.  This one time I can remember showing up in a not so nice location of town.  To top things off I was pregnant and not feeling real sure about everything.  Anyway I usually photograph the bride and groom seperately before the wedding and it normally takes about an hour.  So here I am at the church, no one around.  By the way, the church looks like a trailer and as time passes I get more nervous.  Either I was at the wrong place or I mixed up the time or something.  So I try and make some phone calls and figure out what is going on when a few people start arriving.  Grant it now it is about 20 minutes before the wedding is to start.  I asked them if they knew the couple, they did.  Is the wedding in a few minutes, it was.  OK….. I kid you not people started coming about 5 minutes after the wedding was suppose to start, the bride was a half an hour late!!!!!!!  Let’s just say I did not have a shining moment experience with this couple.

4. Ok this was not the bride and grooms fault but memorable non the less.  We were about to start the before family photos when the lights started flickering on and off.  It was dark and stormy anyway so this was a little scary, you know August storms in Indiana. Anyway the father of the bride comes to tell us all to head to the basement.  You know things are not good when you have to head to the basement.  They had spotted a tornado not to far away and it was heading in our direction.  I hate tornadoes!!!!  I also tried not to knock the children over getting to the basement. πŸ™‚  We were down there for about 15-20 minutes, I took some candlelight photos of the bride and her girls and we were back on track.  The wedding was still a success. πŸ™‚

OK that is all I can think of for now.  As I am trying to think of all the crazy times I keep thinking about all the absolutely adorable couples I have worked with.  I will try and think about some of their stories and share those later too. πŸ™‚  Happy Spring!!


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